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Book Review:
A Change is Coming
- by Hector Sosa Jr.

This book "A Change is Coming" by Hector Sosa Jr was helpful to see into the world of dreams and visions.

A Change is Coming, which accounts the direct dreams and visions of Hector Sosa is a compelling read.

I have met Hector personally and believe he is a good man that actually has dreams and visions. He doesn't seem to be the type of person that would make things up. I think that Hector has an honest heart.

Now...on to the review.

The book is short at just under 95 pages. Hector writes concisely, so the material is easy to understand.

Here are some complaints about the work.

  1. Hector has been in contact with Julie Rowe. Julie wrote the testimony of the book that appears on the back cover. Since Hector's dreams and visions line up with Julie Rowe's, it appears that when you are reading Hector Sosa, you are reading Julie Rowe. This can be good or bad. It depends upon how you feel about Julie Rowe.

  2. This work was originally published in June 2015. Julie Rowe's first book A Greater Tomorrow - My Journey Beyond the Veil was published in May 2014. Before Hector's book.
    Also, Julie second book The Time is Now was published in November 2014. Also before Hector's book. 
    Since Hector's book follows these 2 books by Julie Rowe, and the dreams and visions closely align together, there are some serious possibilities of non-uniqueness in Hector's visions. That too can be good or bad. Depending upon how you feel about the sources of the visions.

    Which only leaves 3 options:
    A. Julie's and Hector's visions are both illegitimate. Given to them both from the same source.
    B. Julie's visions are real or illegitmate and Hector followed them.
    C. Julie's and Hector's visions are both real. Given to them both from the same real source.

As far as I see it, these are the only possibilities. Sorry for the hardness of the path. Its a bumpy ride moving toward truth isn't it?

And since, the possibility of real visions must be considered, we must assess them based upon their internal evidences. Let us examine Hector's timeline in detail...

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