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Monday, April 6th, 2020
The "Last Days" Timeline Series and Associated Books:

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Review of W. Cleon Skousen's Work

Willard Cleon Skousen was a prolific writer surrounding LDS church topics and US Constitutional topics. He was in the FBI under J. Edgar Hoover. He was the Chief of Police in Salt Lake City. He was a BYU professor for 16 years teaching the Book of Mormon, Old Testimate, and more. Skousen was a very popular church fireside talk speaker for decades. Most all of his books and teachings are still available today. As they are still very relevant.

Some bloggers have maligned the reputation of Skousen calling him a racist or associating him with the globalists. I happen to know that none of this is true. Skousen died in 2006 and can't defend himself against these types of accusations. However, his massive writings stand for themselves as witnesses against these types of slanderous statements. I have read about 1/2 of all the works produced by W Cleon Skousen and I know that this was a good man that was called by multiple prophets of God to promote these things to the public and to the church.

Most of Skousen's maligners are really focused on bringing down Glenn Beck. Who is a popular conservative talk show host that loves W. Cleon Skousen's work.

These are the topics that W. Cleon Skousen worked on during his lifetime.

LDS Religion

  • The First 2000 Years
  • The Third Thousand Years
  • The Fourth Thousand Years
  • The Cleansing of America
  • Prophecy & Modern Times
  • BYU Class Recordings of the Old Testament
  • Treasures from the Book of Mormon - Book of Mormon Commentary (audio)
  • A Gospel Trilogy
  • Days of the Living Christ
  • Isaiah Speaks to Modern Times
  • more

United States Constitution and Historical

  • The Making of America
  • The Five Thousand Year Leap
  • Fantastic Victory
  • True Stores from the Files of the FBI
  • The Story of the Mormon Pioneers
  • The Real Benjamin Franklin
  • The Real Thomas Jefferson
  • The Real George Washington
  • The American Heritage and Constitution Study Course
  • The Miracle of America
  • God Loves America
  • more

The Multi-Headed Conspiracy Behind the World's Governments

  • The Naked Communist
  • The Naked Capitalist
  • The Communist Attack on U.S. Police

W. Cleon Skousen's magnum opus....The Making of America - The Substance and Meaning of the Constitution. It was his largest and most comprehensive work upon the U.S. Constitution.

The books that made Skousen famous in non-LDS circles was The Naked Communist and The Naked Capitalist...which according to some, were a help to get Ronald Regan elected in 1980.

This Video Is a Collage of W. Cleon Skousen Talks

W Cleon Skousen died in 2006. His funeral services were announced in the Deseret News. A member of the 1st Presidency of the Church, Apostle Thomas S. Monson spoke at his funeral (4min audio)

Skousen was called by God through several LDS Prophets (David O. Mckay, Spencer W. Kimball, Ezra Taft Benson) to speak and write upon the topics of the U.S. Constitution and the multi-headed conspiracy as spoken of in the Book of Mormon and Ezra's Eagle.

W. Cleon Skousen's work is upheld in the book The "Last Days" Timeline. The ideas of the Founding Fathers are just as valuable today as they were when they first were penned. Get The "Last Days" Timeline to see further information about the future of these principles.

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