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Wednesday, March 27th, 2024
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Helpful Education

(Disclaimer: we are not doctors. If you seek medical advice, please seek the advice of a doctor licensed with the government.)

Viruses and Bacteria...Ummm

Guys, I've had to throw away 4.5 years worth of man's scientific education that I've paid over $70,000 to obtain. I have repented back to the truth of God.

After discovering this information for myself, medicine has never been the same. It has been easier.

Your real education is just 3 books away. 

If you read these 3 books in this order, you'll never be the same. The real science shows truths of God.

The founder of modern "germ theory," Louis Pasteur in 1863 LIED and defrauded the world for personal money and glory. Since then, "science" has never been the same. All approved, spun, and promoted by the 3 Eagle Heads during the "Flying Period."

THIS exact point, is where it all blew up.

(NOTE: This is high level stuff. You'll need all 3 books together to make a firm understanding of the topic. When you know, you know. All written by doctors. Write me back when you read these books. I want to hear from you on these.)

This is a fake image of a virus (below)

Even Mike Adams "The Health Ranger" is Catching onto This Topic

It is stated here too...but Dr. Ardis doesn't know yet.

This medical understanding is a big part of the medicine model of the future. The word is out. I've read about this topic in the Kim Clement materials. You can read these 3 books together and see the medical future and ACT ON IT about 2-3 years early.

Home Schooling Resources For Parents Who Know The Truth

If you have ever wanted to "check out" the resources for home schooling, now is the time. 

The concepts around home schooling come from a variety of sources. My wife and I have read most of them. And we have home schooled 4 children for the last 16 years. We pulled our oldest child out 1/2 way thru 1st grade.

As some of the kids got older, they wanted to blend a little highschool into their schedules. BUT, only the good gym class, art, aeronotics (plane flying), some of the career ed stuff like: construction (building houses)... stuff like that.

Now, toward the end, I can see that our home school teens did much better. They took the classes they wanted without any pressure. Most test high in reading or math (depending upon the kid). They let their natural talents soar. They have so far all taken college classes in highschool. So, when they graduated highschool, they were also obtaining a college Associate's Degree (2 year).

This is all possible by controlling your destiny thru home schooling!

We used software to teach the basics in reading and math. And used the best books to teach the higher levels of understanding of life to our kids. Not textbooks. grin. 

My daughter right now is diving into the Tony Robins "personal development" material...and loving it. The book is 650 pages mates. Just think about that.

And my youngest is planning on playing Lacross as a school sport in the Spring. Yes, school sports are still on the menu for homeschoolers.

And one of the best parts certain States, like Utah, there are certain homeschool programs that will actually pay you back some of your tax dollars to do homeschooling. YEP. In some states, they pay you to homeschool! (mostly this equates to materials, books, computers, screens, microscopes, private piano lessons, etc...can qualify.)

And so far, all my kids have graduated highschool with a diploma, or are on track to do that. (if that is a concern to you.) It can be done mates.

In Utah, and many states, there are definite advantages to home schooling.

Motivation for Home Schooling

When a person starts any new lifestyle change, there needs to be a gigantic "WHY" in their life. A "WHY" that is so large that a person is willing to break old habits and start new ones that are in line with their "WHY."

(Below) These were the books and documentaries that helped us learn the truth about the situation in America's public schools AND what the historical past looked like for American education. 

When you see these, you'll know what some of the possibilities are and where the pitfalls are. Thus, avoiding the pitfalls and embracing the possibilities available in self-directed home schooling, you and your kids can have the greatest advantages in education.

Home Schooling How-To

Reading Eggs - for young kids...then better books later. We found that audiobooks, with the book right in front of them, helped a lot.

Math-u-see - worked all the way up thru algebra and geometry.

and many more software and concepts.

With the book "A Thomas Jefferson Education" you'll know what to do after the basics are done.

Cancer Attackers

(Note: I don't give specific personalized medical advice. If you seek that, please see a government licensed professional. Thank you)

This is a good research list.

Please see the description that goes along with this on the Helpful Products Page (Here).

See the Kim Clement Material on This Topic

In prophecy, cancer is wiped out mates.

Learn everything you can, and YOU can help wipe it out. Your family first.

And don't let you or your family be the LAST ONE.

Checkout this B17 concept. Then read the classic book. It is much more in depth.

Escaped from Prison in North Korea and Lived to Tell the Truth

After experiencing mental torture, food starvation, and using black markets to survive, this young girl (age 13) escaped North Korea only to be sold into sex slavery in China.

The CCP/Globalist One Child Policy in China has led to a situation of too many males and many aborted females. This has led the simple farmer in China to become slave owners to sex trafficked North Koreans.

Only 200 escaped North Koreans have made their way to America and have lived to tell the tale. Only ONE has made it their life's work to tell that tale in GOOD ENGLISH. So that we can see the truth, and hopefully take action.

I will never be the same after reading this book. It made me cry several times. Then, it made me grateful for the American freedoms we enjoy.

The horrors of what propaganda can really do is on full display in North Korea.

Again, this book changed my life. Just get it. 

This is her TedTalk

This podcast, is how I found her.

This Joe Rogan Show was one of the most viewed Joe Rogan Show in all his history!!! (Joe is the #1 podcast in America, and probably the world) - this video is not the full version, just a clip

My Secret Project

It turns out, as it should, that God's scriptures are correct and we have "living dust" in every cell of our body. in every animal cell, in every plant cell, in every bacteria cell, in every fungus cell, etc. Without these "living dust" particles, there is no life. Life IS the "living dust." They are indistructable. They never die.

The question then becomes: what is the perfect environment that these little "living dust" particles want to live in and do the best? Providing us the best health?

The Ocean is their perfect terrain. Dilluted ocean water is 1:1 transfusable with human and animal blood. THAT is the biggest clue.

My secret project is to formulate the methods to have our blood match the ocean water conditions, without having to inject it (although this too is on the table). To keep the "living dust" as happy as possible. Increasing longevity, and reducing illness in the body.

Minerals Are the Live Giving Elements of the Earth - The Long- Searched-For "Fountain of Youth"

I could write a whole book on this subject now. It is important to start with minerals, in the secret project, because there are whole socities on earth that do have high levels of mineral intake and the live to 120 to 140 already. And this is without the additional ocean parameters being met!!!

So, I'm going to present to you the very best works on this subject of "minerals." I've read more than 17 books on this subject alone; plus audiobooks, important videos and documentaries. These few are the best.

I want to state 2 facts that will make sense and make the whole picture of minerals abundantly clear:

FACT #1: DNA makes proteins that make up the flesh of our bodies. The proteins are made from Amino Acids. Each biochemical reaction to make Amino Acids into proteins needs an enzyme to make the process happen. The production of flesh doesn't happen without enzymes (key point). And EVERY enzyme has one or more mineral KEYS to unlock it and make it react. Without the mineral keys to make the enzyme function, no flesh is made (VERY key point). Including vitamin reactions in the body. Minerals work fine without vitamins. Vitamins cannot work without minerals! They are the foundation.

FACT #2: Plants can make vitamins. Plants cannot make minerals. The minerals must come from the soil the plant is grown in. The farming practices of mono-cropping will deplete the minerals in the land in about 5-7 years. Our farmlands have been planted in America for a minimum of 80-200 years. No amount of biologic matter (animal poop, worm castings, compost) will resupply the minerals into the land. They were all gone long ago. Unless specifically restocked from just a few sources (rock dusts, ocean minerals, wood ash, humic shales, river beds/bogs, very deep growing grasses), our food has nearly 0 mineral content.

Let this sink deep down mates. What is the purpose of food (meat, vegie, fruit, grains, nuts, etc...)?

To give us vitamins, minerals, and phytochemicals to sustain our bodies in health and genetic potential longevity of 120-140 years.

So, if Lucifer conceals the truth (over and over) and gives us something to fill our stomachs, that looks good with just (N.P.K. fertilizer), and no minerals as the foundation of health, we die early and get major sicknesses. The money used to preserve our lives in sickness and disease, leads to power for his rich followers on the earth. NOW do you get the picture mates?

Once you understand the truth, you will want to injest minerals with every meal. 3x or more per day. One way or another.

What Minerals Do in the Body?

and How Can I Eat and Drink Them?

Dr. Joel Wallach's work is the best in the world. Nobody (living) has done more to advance the intake of minerals into humans than Dr. Wallach.

I've only included 2 of Dr. Wallach's books that give the most unique information. I've read all 12-14 of Dr. Wallach's books.

(When I find one of the most important discoveries in the world, I want to read everything that person has written.)

Where Can We Get The Minerals?

and How Can I Grow Vegies/Fruits/Livestock Animals on Them?

There are only a few sources to look to for minerals. (rock dusts, ocean minerals, wood ash, humic shales, river beds/bogs, very deep growing grasses)

I'm going to start with THE BEST. Sea Solids (this is the 92+ ocean minerals with most of the salt taken out)

Then look at lessor sources. These sources are still viable and can be used. They just have a more limited mineral profile of about 60-72 minerals.


How Can We Apply The Minerals to our Bodies?

and How Can I Bathe in Them?

We can get the minerals into our bodies in several different ways. 

What we are after is the "cheapest" methods to get the highest absorption rate of the most numbers of different minerals. THAT is what we want.

And one fantastic way to do it is BALNEOTHERAPY that has been used for 1000s of years to recover health from almost all ailments.

THIS was the primary way people got healthy before Rockefeller medicine took over in the 1920s, (right when Ezra's Eagle started 1929).

AND if you want to supercharge the therapy...use the Sun...for photobalneotherapy. Yep!

Get access to the very best mineral dense healing spas in the world...right in your own bathtub.

Do it everyday mates!

Vitamin D3

There is a great deal of history about Vitamin D3. You know, I like history. And the history of Vitamin D3 is a wild and wooley tale.

Vitmain D is not a vitamin at all. It is a hormone. A hormone that is produced by human skin when in the sun. 

This hormone is so powerful. When combined with a few other co-factors, it rebuilds parts of the human body.

INDLUDING beefing up the immune system.

Again, this book changed my life. Just get it. 

This 1st book shows how to check your own Vitamin D levels fairly cheaply. Plus, contains a Big Experiement on the author at over 100,000 iu of Vitamin D3 for an extended period of time. And he watched his own body heal.

This 2nd Book is the background book that provides all the studies that go along with the Big Experiment above

Vitamin D3 - The ultimate building block in the body. Who couldn't use a rebuilding of their body? In the late 1920s (sound familiar?) Vitamin D was added into beer and tons of foods. But, the FDA made them take it out.

In this video, he shows how Vitamin D helps with immunity in the lung cells. And he even mentions a double-blind, placebo controlled study where they gave 540,000 IUs of Vitamin D3 to critically ill patients who were Vitamin D deficent. It worked. Their blood leveks came up to 50ng/ml.

And more trials are under way in multiple countries around the world.

These scientists at Brigham and Women's Hospital are calling Vitamin D the Miracle Supplement. Find out why. It all has to do with the right dosage size.

Chlorine Dioxide - Most Likely the "Disinfectant" The President Was Talking About

It has been known for more than 75 years that Chlorine Dioxide has be used as a water sterilizer. Remember your body is about 75% water. Chlorine Dioxide is used in the meat packing plants, hospitals and in dozens of other "heavy duty bacteria ridden places" to sanitize and disinfect them, all over America, Europe, and the world.

MMS is made by mixing a 2-3 drops of a special mineral salt Sodium Chlorite with an acid like lemon juice, food grade citric acid, or hydrochloric acid (like in your stomach). The break-down products after oxidation are salt and hypochlorus acid, which the immune system further uses to fight more bugs.

When this happens, Chlorine Dioxide gas is made. "Then one can simply fill a glass of water and drink. Easy enough." (See the documentary "Quantum Leap" on the right)

Doesn't taste the best. But, when mixed with apple juice without added-vitamin C, the taste is bearable.

Jim Humble, the inventor and discoverer of the MMS formula even founded a church and made it the sacrament so that it could not be attacked...because it is a religious organization's sacrament. Nice.
(See (It is now being attacked...see below)

Since MMS tastes "not the best," it is harder for me to get the kids to use it well. So, I use pretty much everything else on this page, then I use MMS as a backup of a backup. I've used it.

See the video on the right. You'll be glad you did.

The main book also demonstrates the uses for MMS2 as well.

And just recently, Joe Biden is STILL talking about this.

Joe Biden: “Remember, During the Pandemic Donald Trump Told Us to Inject Ourselves with Bleach” (VIDEO)

July 10, 2020: Federal Government charged Genesis 2 Church founder Mark Grennon in South Florida for having a religious sacrament of MMS that was healing 1000s of people. (This was a hit-piece placed into the news.) The REAL story is in the book on the right.

See Mark Grennon's response to the raid here. Mark just released all his books to the world FREE. He wants this story told. Listen to the video and audio here: (He also did an interview with Mike Adams at too - to the right)

Mike Adams the "Health Ranger" of interviews Mark Grennon on July 10,2020. In the interview Mike reveals that he too uses MMS. Mike also reveals that the FDA has been attacking him on the video network...just for hosting all the 1000s of video testimonials about MMS. Yep.

This Quantum Leap documentary on MMS is one of the best.

Free eBook Downloads to tell the story of MMS

Free eBook Downloads Here

This is the best little video explaining how chlorine dioxide has worked in the industrial food and water sanitation industries for more than 75 years. And man is it good for understanding how it works.

(Remember, in this video, they are trying to sell commercial quality equipment to "keep the pipes clean of bacteria biofilm in industrial piping systems." So keep that in mind.)

Below is the main book as a physical copy. They also sell it in .pdf digital copy too.

Below Mike Adams the "Health Ranger" of interviews German Biophysicist Andreas Kalcker of This interview is special, because Andreas actually shows HOW TO MAKE MMS and not have the bad taste. I tried it.

Apparently, by making a variant of the gaseous form of Chlorine Dioxide in water, it got rid of the bad taste. 

Also, Andreas discusses his clinicle pre-trials in Equador for Chlorine Dioxide. He even gave it to the Director of the medical association who was striken with "you know what."

They even discuss Trump's mention of "disinfectant." This was IT.

This is the main video on HOW to use Chlorine Dioxide. Study this video well.

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