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Tuesday, September 26th, 2023
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(Disclaimer: we are not doctors. If you seek medical advice, please seek the advice of a doctor licensed with the government.)

Vitamin C - This is the Vitamin C I use

This is the Vitamin C that I use. I want it in bulk. There are lots of Vitamin C varieties on the market. Choose the one that is right for you.

I like this powder, so there are no pills. I just mix it with water. My kids put it in apple juice.

Vitamin C Co-Factors

This is the Vit C Co-factor supplement I use. I like this one because I can get it in a liquid that has super strong blueberries. The strongest I've ever seen. 

...And my kids can take it.

The strong blueberry suppliement has Vit C too. But, it is the rest of the co-factors that I want to be able to supply my body when I take the high-dose BULK Vitamin C Power (above). (Get the idea?)

Click Here to Check out the Single Case

This 2nd DOUBLE case is cheaper per ml. That is why I get it on a good deal.

Click Here to Check out the Bulk DOUBLE Case

Liposomal Vitamin C Goes Deeper Into the Cells

Small Package

Big Package

When needed, this is the Liposomal Vit C that I use. In the book, it often mentions that Intravenous Vitamin C helps in a number of ways that oral Vitamin C can't. HOWEVER, in the back of the book, it shows the research that Vitamin C encapsulated in Liposomes actually delivers Vitamin C better than even intravenous application.

And since it costs about $135 for an intravenous application of Vitamin C, I figured the Liposomal version of Vitamin C should be tried first, if someone is actually sick. It makes sense to me.

Plus, what if we can't make it to the clinic fast enough, or it is shut down for some reason. (Or they are not open at night-time, which seems to me to be when my kids get sick)

Handheld Radios

The Best Little Radios With the Most Range I've Ever Seen at This Price

As the group knows, I'm a Ham Radio Operator. Which ultimately means I like gagets that help me to communicate better. Even across my local area.

These radios in many ways are like Ham Radios that I use. But, 2 things are different:

  1. They cost a lot less
  2. They use normal public radio bands. No liscense needed.

These handheld radios are 5 watt models. Not the normal 1 or 2 watt models. These type of radios with these features cost about $300 to $400 dollars normally. BUT, not for our group. I've got them from a good source that is selling them at only $52.50/each. Just select the number of radios you need for your family. I like "one per car."

They have:

  • 12+ hour battery life. (comes with recharger station and cord)
  • Has a descrete group-mode that has the members of your group with a scrambler so ONLY your family can hear the messages. And this is done even over public airwaves. VERY NICE.
  • Radios can get 1-3 miles in city conditions. 3-5 rural conditions. 5-8 miles in wide open area.
  • Even comes with an ear-piece. Nice

These radios come in a standard box. Their original packaging was damaged. That is how our group is getting them so cheap. Also, every radio is tested before it goes out to you. And it comes with a Replacement Warranty from the Seller (he has lots of these radios). I've got 3 of them myself.

This is the FPCN 30A user manual: (Download this)

Also has FREE USA Shipping. 

THIS is the link:

This is for Comparison ONLY: Compared to Motorola

Hang On, There is Even a Lessor Priced Option - The 10A

I had a couple of people in our group desire the radios to be just a little less in cost. So, I made a deal with a supplier to offer nearly the exact same radio for a little less money. 

These radios have all the features of the above FPCN 30A, except there is a tradeoff. 

  • The FPCN 10A radios don't have the 5 watt high power mode. Just the normal 2 watt mode. 
  • But, in exchange, the battery life on the 10A radios have over 26+ hours.

So, for a few less watts, we get a lot more battery life. And this is one of the main needs during an emergency anyway. Longer battery life means longer time to communicate in a crisis. 

And I even saw these same 10A radios do a max range test for clarity and it still went 18 miles from the side of a hill down to a valley. Yep.

FPCN 10A radios for $5 less / per radio.

This is the FPCN 10A user manual: (Download this)

Also has FREE USA Shipping.  

THIS is the link:

You Can Get Even MORE Range on These Radios

There is a way to (3X) the range of these radios. That is with an extension antenna. 

I had a friend in Utah that used these extension antennas on the side of a mountain and talked down to the valley 18 miles away. Yep.

I've got these on my radios and I've noticed a big boost. I've never tested for 18 miles from a hill, but I'd like to give it a try. grin.

Special Note: These radios can be given to family members in your local area. They can be used for communication when the "lights go out." They can be charged on solar. 

In the Salt Lake and Utah County area, I'd like to get a radio group together that we ourselves can talk on certain frequencies, even if the internet was out. This is like a ham radio group, without the ham radios. We can even repeat messages and pass along traffic like in Ham Radio Net groups too. It can be done, if enough of us in a local area are using these radios at certain frequencies. Yep. We can even encode it, so only our own group can talk together. The news from each other would be invaluable.

92+ Full Spectrum Sea Solids Mineral Fertilizer (Organic)

These 92+ Minerals Have (at least) 8 Different Use Cases 

  1. Plant Fertilizer
  2. Animal mineral nutrients on their food
  3. Dogs and Cats
  4. Grasses in the field to feed animals
  5. Deer hunting
  6. Wheat Grass Juice
  7. Humans - (Although organic certified, the package is not labeled for human consumption. So I must tell you not to eat or drink this.)
  8. Trees 

I will be using these minerals in all of their Use Cases soon. I have read more than 20-25 books to come to the conclusions that the "living dust" inside us need to have their own environment that they love. And if they do, we can have no health issues and we can live to 120-140 for maximum potential. We won't all make it of course, but this is a very good and necessary start.

Get the Best Price on the Internet (less than $0.25/ounce) and get FREE Shipping to your home anywhere in the Continental United States. 

Buy Here (just under) 10 Pounds of Pure Sea Solids 92+ Mineral Fertilizer

Highest Mineralized Sea Salt Available Anywhere

These 92+ Minerals Are From the Ocean...and You Can Add it to Any Food Dish You Like

I have found the highest number of minerals in a table salt anywhere on the market. 

Technically, this is the exact opposite slice off the top of the mineral fertilizer (above). The same company markets the high-mineralized sea salt for human consumption. 

It is fine ground sea salt. However, I have found it more like a medium ground product. 

Our family has been adding this to our food and testing it for more than a month. It tastes great. Even the kids like it. 

FALLACY: There is a fallacy that you need to understand about salt. Doctors are wrong about it. (says: Dr. Wallach). As evidence for this, all we have to do is look at when someone has heat stroke or other health conditions that require an I.V. ...what is in the I.V.? Saline solution. This saline solution is to re-salt our inner ocean of intersititial fluid. We must have salt to make our sodium/potassium pumps work. See the Mineral books on this page:

Even with that info...this table salt has the LEAST salt and the MOST minerals of any salt on the market. Thus, it is a smooth taste.

The documentation of that fact is in the images here:

See the images

Buy Here (5 lb Bag) and (1 lb Bag) of Pure 92+ Mineral Sea Salt for Table Salt and Kitchen Salt

Or a bigger bag for bulk savings

78+ Full Spectrum - Highly Absorbable Mineral Drink for Humans

These 78+ Minerals Are From Ancient Humic Shale Formations in the United States

I have found the highest number of minerals in absorbable form. That is from Humic Shale.

I know of one company that charges about $150/mon to get these minerals from Humic Shale...and there are only 60 minerals!


Most normal mineral supplements (aka. supermarket brands) only absorb at at rate of about 3-5% in adults because they are metallic minerals. 

Some mineral supplements are chelated, which means they use Amino Acids to increase the absorption rate to about 35-45%.

And plant derived colloidal minerals get up to 98% absorption in the human body.

So, the question of a colloidal form is a "given." BUT, how many minerals do these supplements have, and at what concentrations? Those are the important questions.

And it turns out, all the best colloidal mineral companies are ALL USING THE SAME SOURCE to get their minerals....humic shale.

This is a unique special form of mineral deposit in the Earth's crust that allows a large mineral quantity in the liquid AND a large variety of minerals. (like the Parable of the Sower..."Some 60," "Some 72," "Some 78"

So, now it comes down to which company has secured the most number of minerals in their humic shale deposits?

Personally, I want the whole 92+ like the Ocean. But, there are no humic shale deposits that are currently made into colloidal minerals that have all 92+. They don't exist...yet. (I'm working on a company project that will get all 92+ minerals into a supplement at 98% absorbable efficiency in the human body.)

So, as a humic shall mineral source 78+ is the best. And THAT is what we have found. 

Get the Best Price on the Internet (less than $1.05/ounce) and get FREE Shipping to your home anywhere in the Continental United States.

This one is special. I set this up so your family can buy just one or two bottles individually, OR get these minerals every single month shipped FREE to your door at an even lower price. Just pick how many bottles your family needs.

Buy Here (1 quart) of Pure 78+ Mineral Drink for Human Consumption

Special Tip:

Dr. Wallach talks about a trick to get more absorbability for just about any vitamin or mineral that can be taken. By adding Essential Amino Acids to your intake with the minerals, vitamins, or just about any other supplement that you take, it will boost the absorption rate from 3-5% up to 35-45%.

This happens because the Active Transport process is activated when the Amino Acids hit the cell walls of the gut mucosa. And the body takes in the other minerals, vitamins, etc along with the amino acids via active transport.

Take an Essential Amino Acid supplement along with your normal intake of minerals and vitamins like this one:

And heck, these are "Essential" Amino Acids anyway. Which means our bodies can't make them. They must be taken in from our diet. And our diets are deficient in these too. So, these are another supplement to make the body run at top potential anyway.


And here is the link again:


Buy Here (1 quart) of Pure 78+ Mineral Drink for Human Consumption



Cold Storage Devices 

These are the top 2 brands for storing your crypto coins and tokens. Make sure that you get a cold storage wallet that has the tokens/coins that you want to store. 

For example, most of these cold storage wallets can all take Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). But, some wallets don't take things like stable coins (DAI, USDC, USDT, etc.) So, make sure to get the cold storage wallet that will hold the type of tokens/coins that you want to hold. Got it? good.

How to Keep Your Private Keys

You want to keep your own Private Keys in a private way. AND you want to keep them in a way that is cheap, and not suseptable to fire and water.

Online Privacy

What Does the Bill of Rights Have to Say? 

(4th Amendment in the Bill of Rights)

"The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized."

America, under the Luciferians, have floated a long way away from this.

What Can Be Done?

To counteract the surveilance state (nanny state, big brother), we must take actions to secure our own papers and property.

Strong encryption is the way. Both for internet encryption, so your searches become private and NOT STORED by Google, Bing, or anyone else.

PLUS, your emails to be safe and secure with encryption.

PLUS, your online file storage to be encrypted as well.

AND to have all of this done in a foreign country with a high bar of legal court protections for privacy laws.

So...if you want simple Plug and Play Online Internet Encryption and Protection...(keep reading...THIS is the place.)

Our Group has Partnered With the Largest FOREIGN Provider of Encryption Services Online...AND at the Best Price.

When it comes to VPN online internet connections the biggest game in town is Norton. But, they also come with the highest price tag. ($14.99/mon with $5.99/mon (2 year option) for their biggest plan).

Yet, because of the exchange rates right now, at near 1:1 with Europe...(see

...this gives the European Foreign Encryption Providers the advantage. And THIS is the best Switzerland (Click Here).

Comparing Apples to Apples...the rates are only ($8.99/mon with $4.99/mon (2 year option). Thus, the cost savings are substantial as a percentage over a few years.

BUT, here is the true awesomeness. The plans can't be compared directly between the 2 companies because the Switzerland service offers much more on their lower end. AND they even offer a LOT MORE on their higher end service.

Look at what is offered:

  • Email Addresses that are encrypted in a foreign land.
  • VPN Service that will protect ALL your whole household's online privacy. And VPN Accelerator for faster internet speeds. (Your ISP can't down-throttle you.)
  • Online File Storage Drive with Encryption
  • Encrypted Password Manager - yep
  • Encrypted Calendar System - So your dates and appointments won't be known to anyone else.
  • All wrapped in a foreign land, where they have a legal system of privacy.
  • THIS is the best Switzerland (Click Here).

Tri-Fuel Generator

Why Tri-Fuel? 

The main problem with generators in emergency situations is that they run out of fuel.

However, using a Tri-Fuel generator specifically with Natural Gas, Propane, and Gasoline, allows for the ability to hook up to your home Natural Gas lines...and to have long-term storable fuel as Propane...and shorter term storable fuel as gasoline. 

PLUS, when any of these fuels become available, even at higher prices during an emergency, you CAN run your home on power...with the cheapest option that is available at that time.

Here are the best Tri-Fuel Generator whole house options:

Hooking it Up

There are 2 main ways to hookup a generator generally:

  1. Wiring in a 30A or 50A generator receptical and wire that to your electrical box. (Warning: you may need the help of a certified electrician.) This way is preferable, since the electricity will pass through your normal home wiring.
  2. Running extension chords to the items you want to power. Like your fridge, lights, TV/DVD(for the kids), etc... If this method is chosen, large gauge extension chords with good surge protector splitters will be needed. (Remember, it is not wise to run a full size refridgerator on small extension chords. So, very large gauge would be needed to try this. Warning: always follow the safety instructions with your appliances)

SPECIAL NOTE: When using a generator, ALWAYS disconnect your home from the main electrical service line. Sometimes when the electric company starts those lines up after they have been down for a bit, they will punch the lines with higher than normal voltage to kill any generators that are connected and backfeeding into the neighbor's power lines. So, just disconnect the house's main circuit breaker when using a generator. Easy. (You can see and read about using a generator properly on YouTube. Lots of good videos.)

Protecting Sensitive Electronic Devices

Since, we are using standard generators, and not the really expensive pure-sinewave generators. (they cost about 2.5X what these normal tri-fuel generators cost...and they are never tri-fuel)...we simply need to protect our devices with some small protection gear.

Pure Sinewave Backup Batteries...These are used for computers directly. These are special... they have the standard backup battery along with a voltage regulator built-in (Get as many as you have active computers).

Cheap Voltage Regulators

Now, when you have 1 or 2 backup battery systems, depending upon the number of computers you have, then get some of these Voltage Regulators to protect your TV/DVDs, Stereo, other good stuff. (Depending on how many rooms you have. I even used some of these cheaper units to protect my kids computers.)

Appliance Protection

Appliances are expensive generally, yet we don't need a full voltage regulator, we just need brownout and spike protection.

What appliances will need this?

Refridgerators, freezers, stove (although I wouldn't use a stove while running on a depends upon the power output of the stove and the input of the generator), washer, dryer (don't use dryers on generators generally. It is possible, but nothing else can be used.) 

The dishwasher probably is hardwired in your home. If not, then that too can be plugged in.

So, do your calculations for your home and go for it.

Whole House
EMP Shield

Whole House EMP Protection

I've been thinking about these EMP protection products for a long time. With the threat of nuclear war on the horizon, I sure don't want my house or cabin zapped with an EMP that could remove my ability to communicate effectively with those I care about. Plus fry my computers. That is something that would be real bad. 

So, in my search for the best solution, I managed to contact the EMP Shield company itself. And I asked about their product. They have a $25,000 policy against damage caused to electrical appliances and other sensitive electronics when their product is installed on your house. I thought that was pretty cool. 

And because we have a big group, I manged to secure pricing that was lower than anywhere else on the whole web. Also very nice.

I've put this product on my electrical box and ready for an EMP strike, a Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) from the sun, and a direct hit from a bolt of lightning. ALL protected with just one product.

This is a NEW-IN-BOX Whole House EMP Shield shipped directly from the factory with FREE SHIPPING.

Get Your Whole House EMP Shield (Click Here)

See the company's installation video. For anyone that has been working in their electrical box before, it isn't very hard to install.

This is a personal home-user of the EMP Shield and he discusses installing it in a sub-panel. Very nice.

(CHOOSE) How to Install EMP Shield in Your Electric Box

You have a choice in EMP Shield for your home based upon your electric box. If you haven't seen your electric box in a while go have a look at it.

If your You want to keep your own Private Keys in a private way. AND you want to keep them in a way that is cheap, and not suseptable to fire and water.

Flush Mounted Box - means you POSSIBLY can mount the EMP Shield INSIDE the box

Wall Mounted Box - means you can just get the external EMP Shield and mount it OUTSIDE the box

From my examination of the product, the OUTSIDE the box mount will work everytime. And the INSIDE the box mount will only work IF you have enough room inside the box. So, take a screwdriver and have a look inside the box case to see if there is enough room.

For myself, I'm not going to bother putting the appliance INSIDE the electrical box. I do have a flush mounted box, but I'm still going to put it outside. Just find the 2x4 stud next to the box itself and just mount it there. Easy.

***One More Thing...The Dual Pole 20amp breaker

The company doesn't tell you this. And nowhere online when these are sold do they advertise this fact, but to install either of the Whole House EMP Shield devices, you'll need to check your electric box and make sure you have 2 spaces available next to each other. You'll need to go to Lowes or Home Depot and pick up a dual pole 20 amp breaker that FITS YOUR electrical box. It isn't a big deal. You just need to make sure you have the 2 empty breaker spaces in your box to do it. From what I've read online, any 2 open spaces in the box will do just fine. (see a sample 2 pole 20amp breaker image below)

(including extension sub-panels. The company has stated online that the appliance is fast enough even on sub-panels to sense the fast EMP surge and stop it. Yep)

Disclaimer: This is an electrical appliance, make sure you know what you are doing. And as always your local neighborhood electrician can help you install the EMP Shield.

Get Your Whole House EMP Shield (Click Here)

Car and Truck
EMP Shield

EMP Protection For Your Cars and Trucks

Yep, same great EMP protection as your home (above) but for your cars and trucks.

Joel Skousen has written in his emergency preparation books for years about protecting your cars and trucks from EMP. 

He says that one of the best ways to protect against the EMP problem in your car or truck is to have an extra $1000 computer chip in your car at all times. Then when the EMP attack comes, to simply switch the chips and your on the road again. (when nobody else will be)

Then get home and get your retreat location. That is the plan. 

However, with one of these EMP Shield protection devices on your car or truck, the problem of an EMP attack is mitigated. 

My question was always what if some other electrical component blows, besides your computer chip? 

This EMP protection device takes care of ALL OF IT. And it comes with a $25,000 policy against destruction of components. Very nice. 

And as always, this is the best price online anywhere mates. I've got the deal for our group.

Get Your Car and Truck EMP Shield (Click Here)

See the company's installation video. This one is getting installed on the County Sheriff Deptartment's police cruiser.

The EMP protection device is simply installed on the battery. Easy

Disclaimer: This is an electrical appliance, make sure you know what you are doing. And as always your local neighborhood mechanic can help you install the EMP Shield.

Get Your Car and Truck EMP Shield (Click Here)

Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver has been used for over 1000 years. Those old suspensions of Colloidal Silver were hard to measure as to their effectiveness. 

Today, we have the measuring equipment to KNOW how many silver particles and their size in the colloid suspension.

As quoted from the company, this source has "zero additives or impurities - quick absorption."

No additives, collorings, or stabilizers. No known allergens.

Just high-grade 100PPM Crystalline Nano Colloidal Silver.

Get it Here:

First Aid

First Aid from Wasps, Hornets, Yellow Jackets, Bees, etc are pretty common in our lives. They represent the 2nd most stinging things that get to Americans. Mosquitos are more common. There there are the NoSeeUms, spiders bites, and scorpions (if you are in Arizona, Nevada, and California. The snakes are the worse of the deadly bites.

Getting first aid on these types of things is important and needs to be immediate if they are to be effective at resolving the concern. Especially for the kids and grandkids. 

I have found the solutions that seem to work better than most others.

#1 - First up...suck out the poison that was injected. Doing this alone gets the problem under control quickly. I use this venom extractor, because it has multiple shaped extraction sucking cups that fit the same device. I've got hit on my finger and that is a hard place to get the skin sucked out from the venom. But, this little package worked. AND it is yellow. Easy to see in a first aid kit or in your car. I've got one at the house and one for each car. That is what I recommend. And this one is cheap protection.

#2 Second...treat the wound with the best healing salve anywhere. It is made from 100% Natural Pine Gum. (which in Essential Oil Terms = 100% pine needle oil...the same that the Native Americans used.) I healed up my sting in less than 24 hours. Couldn't even see it was there. Only one company in America makes this. I read a whole book about what the uses are for this Pine Needle Oil can do INSIDE the Body and OUTSIDE on the skin. It cuts pain too.

#3 For Day to Day mosquito bites and NoSeeUms...which I'm allergic too. I don't think they have to bite me at all. Just land on my skin and touch me...And I'll break out for 2 weeks. Sometimes so bad as to cause Adema in the lower legs.

Anyway, I've used this special heating pen for a while now and it works to stop the itching in about 7 seconds. It works by heating up to about 115 degrees F. This DENATURES the venom proteins so they can be discarded quickly. Think of these Pens as something you can put in your bag or purse that can help with the itching and stinging in just 7 seconds.

There are lots of these pens on the market now. I've looked at most all of them. This one is SPECIAL. It not only has the small heating element, but it also has the blue ultraviolet light to kill germs on the wound site. AND this one is rechargeable. Eliminating the need for extra batteries.

Food Storage

Right now, the best deal on food storage is on Amazon. I don't know for how long.


I've been a gardener for more than 22 years, plus many more in my childhood with my grandmother and mother. 

There is something very special about these MyWeedFreeGarden gardens. I'll never go back to the other way again. Check them out, you'll be glad you did. This is Aiden (below). He is the inventor and creator of (click here)

You can even grow INDOORS with them in the Winter. I do. 
You'll just need some lights. Like these (below).

Vitamin D3 Supplement that I use

High Dose Vitamin D3 with K2 has been talked about for over 100 years now. It was Dr. Weston Price himself that found the K2 connection. It was so new when he found it, that he called it "Active Component X." (it didn't have a name yet in the 1920s and 1930s.)

If you have read the books and know what you are doing with high dose Vitamin D, then this is the cheapest price product to use. This is what I use. It will last 8 months at 1 pill a day. That is a real long time for a bottle of pills.

If you have children that can't take the high dose quite yet, OR you want to be more selective with the dosing. More granular, then 10,000 IU levels may do better for you. You'll just have to take more pills at a time.

Also note, that if you have kids or people in the house that can't take pills and need a liquid (I have some of those myself), then this liquid Vitamin D3 has 2000 IU per DROP. Thus. you can count your drops, rather than using several whole dropper fulls of the cheap stuff. (Like I used to do.)

Make Sure to get the correct sized K2 cofactor that matches your Vitamin D3 sized dose

From the books, I've read that 1000mcg of K2 (MK4 or MK7) for every 10,000 iu Vitamin D3 is sufficient.

So, these are what I use. The bulk bag is cheaper per dose, but your have to use just a pinch, because there is no way to measure the dose. Since 5000 mcg of K2 will size nicely with 50,000 iu of Vitamin D3.

5000 mcg of K2 = 0.001 teaspoons. (just a pinch)

Air Filters and Air Cleaners

These are used in several different situations. Whenever the air is dirty and you need to clean that air. Whether it is for a vehicle (they NEED clean air), or for your own lungs, or your children's lungs, these are very helpful in an emergency. 

Vehicle Air Filters

When it comes to cars, trucks, RVs, etc, they NEED clean air. Without that, your car sensors and computer could shut down the car if the air was not clean enough. I've read that online. But I doubt it. I would suspect that a check-engine light would come on and the codes would just tell of a air sensor problem. When in reality, the air filter needs to be replaced. 

About 10 years ago, I was alerted that under an emergency where lots of debris and ash from a volcano was in the air (like Mount Saint Hellens), that the main problem was that cars wouldn't work, because the air filter was clogged with ash. The car couldn't breath.

Thus, no groceries, no work, no escape for those that had their air filter clogged in their vehicle.

So, I started researching car air filters. What I found was an aftermarket reusable air filter that costs about double a normal disposable air filter, but, one can wash it and keep going. Thus, I recommend buying TWO. One to wash and one to use. Rotate them back and forth to get you down the road.

This is the reusable air filter brand I installed in my vehicles: 

(Note: Search to find the exact air filter to put in your vehicle.) 

House Furnace Filters

And the same goes for your home furnace filter. These things are always a burden to be replaced 2-3 X per year.

If the furnace filter gets plugged with massive amounts of ash and debris in the air, then that very well may cause an increase of heat in the burner manifold and crack the manifold. Thus, resulting in a need for a new furnace. I had that happen to me once. I have since learned to always change the furnace filter more regularly. That was a $2500 dollar lesson.

What if that same reusable/washable technology was put into a furnace filter? So, you could buy two of them. One to wash and one to use. And never have to buy a new furnace filter again?

I found it here: 

(Note: Search to find the exact air filter to put in your HVAC Furnace.) 

Air Cleaners

Of Course, if you are in a room that needs some air purification, then there are a whole wide range of air cleaners out there. Some $50 and some are $1000s of dollars. There is a wide range.

However, I like the simple HEPA filters with a washable/reusable pre-filter, because again they are washable and reusable.

This is the type I use:

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