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Saturday, January 7th, 2023
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Vitamin C - This is the Vitamin C I use

This is the Vitamin C that I use. I want it in bulk. There are lots of Vitamin C varieties on the market. Choose the one that is right for you.

I like this powder, so there are no pills. I just mix it with water. My kids put it in apple juice.

Vitamin C Co-Factors

This is the Vit C Co-factor supplement I use. I like this one because I can get it in a liquid that has super strong blueberries. The strongest I've ever seen. 

...And my kids can take it.

The strong blueberry suppliement has Vit C too. But, it is the rest of the co-factors that I want to be able to supply my body when I take the high-dose BULK Vitamin C Power (above). (Get the idea?)

Click Here to Check out the Single Case

This 2nd DOUBLE case is cheaper per ml. That is why I get it on a good deal.

Click Here to Check out the Bulk DOUBLE Case

Liposomal Vitamin C Goes Deeper Into the Cells

Small Package

Big Package

When needed, this is the Liposomal Vit C that I use. In the book, it often mentions that Intravenous Vitamin C helps in a number of ways that oral Vitamin C can't. HOWEVER, in the back of the book, it shows the research that Vitamin C encapsulated in Liposomes actually delivers Vitamin C better than even intravenous application.

And since it costs about $135 for an intravenous application of Vitamin C, I figured the Liposomal version of Vitamin C should be tried first, if someone is actually sick. It makes sense to me.

Plus, what if we can't make it to the clinic fast enough, or it is shut down for some reason. (Or they are not open at night-time, which seems to me to be when my kids get sick)


Cold Storage Devices 

These are the top 2 brands for storing your crypto coins and tokens. Make sure that you get a cold storage wallet that has the tokens/coins that you want to store. 

For example, most of these cold storage wallets can all take Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). But, some wallets don't take things like stable coins (DAI, USDC, USDT, etc.) So, make sure to get the cold storage wallet that will hold the type of tokens/coins that you want to hold. Got it? good.

How to Keep Your Private Keys

You want to keep your own Private Keys in a private way. AND you want to keep them in a way that is cheap, and not suseptable to fire and water.

Food Storage

Right now, the best deal on food storage is on Amazon. I don't know for how long.


I've been a gardener for more than 22 years, plus many more in my childhood with my grandmother and mother. 

There is something very special about these MyWeedFreeGarden gardens. I'll never go back to the other way again. Check them out, you'll be glad you did. This is Aiden (below). He is the inventor and creator of (click here)

You can even grow INDOORS with them in the Winter. I do. 
You'll just need some lights. Like these (below).

Vitamin D3 Supplement that I use

High Dose Vitamin D3 with K2 has been talked about for over 100 years now. It was Dr. Weston Price himself that found the K2 connection. It was so new when he found it, that he called it "Active Component X." (it didn't have a name yet in the 1920s and 1930s.)

If you have read the books and know what you are doing with high dose Vitamin D, then this is the cheapest price product to use. This is what I use. It will last 8 months at 1 pill a day. That is a real long time for a bottle of pills.

If you have children that can't take the high dose quite yet, OR you want to be more selective with the dosing. More granular, then 10,000 IU levels may do better for you. You'll just have to take more pills at a time.

Also note, that if you have kids or people in the house that can't take pills and need a liquid (I have some of those myself), then this liquid Vitamin D3 has 2000 IU per DROP. Thus. you can count your drops, rather than using several whole dropper fulls of the cheap stuff. (Like I used to do.)

Make Sure to get the correct sized K2 cofactor that matches your Vitamin D3 sized dose

From the books, I've read that 1000mcg of K2 (MK4 or MK7) for every 10,000 iu Vitamin D3 is sufficient.

So, these are what I use. The bulk bag is cheaper per dose, but your have to use just a pinch, because there is no way to measure the dose. Since 5000 mcg of K2 will size nicely with 50,000 iu of Vitamin D3.

5000 mcg of K2 = 0.001 teaspoons. (just a pinch)

Air Filters and Air Cleaners

These are used in several different situations. Whenever the air is dirty and you need to clean that air. Whether it is for a vehicle (they NEED clean air), or for your own lungs, or your children's lungs, these are very helpful in an emergency. 

Vehicle Air Filters

When it comes to cars, trucks, RVs, etc, they NEED clean air. Without that, your car sensors and computer could shut down the car if the air was not clean enough. I've read that online. But I doubt it. I would suspect that a check-engine light would come on and the codes would just tell of a air sensor problem. When in reality, the air filter needs to be replaced. 

About 10 years ago, I was alerted that under an emergency where lots of debris and ash from a volcano was in the air (like Mount Saint Hellens), that the main problem was that cars wouldn't work, because the air filter was clogged with ash. The car couldn't breath.

Thus, no groceries, no work, no escape for those that had their air filter clogged in their vehicle.

So, I started researching car air filters. What I found was an aftermarket reusable air filter that costs about double a normal disposable air filter, but, one can wash it and keep going. Thus, I recommend buying TWO. One to wash and one to use. Rotate them back and forth to get you down the road.

This is the reusable air filter brand I installed in my vehicles: 

(Note: Search to find the exact air filter to put in your vehicle.) 

House Furnace Filters

And the same goes for your home furnace filter. These things are always a burden to be replaced 2-3 X per year.

If the furnace filter gets plugged with massive amounts of ash and debris in the air, then that very well may cause an increase of heat in the burner manifold and crack the manifold. Thus, resulting in a need for a new furnace. I had that happen to me once. I have since learned to always change the furnace filter more regularly. That was a $2500 dollar lesson.

What if that same reusable/washable technology was put into a furnace filter? So, you could buy two of them. One to wash and one to use. And never have to buy a new furnace filter again?

I found it here: 

(Note: Search to find the exact air filter to put in your HVAC Furnace.) 

Air Cleaners

Of Course, if you are in a room that needs some air purification, then there are a whole wide range of air cleaners out there. Some $50 and some are $1000s of dollars. There is a wide range.

However, I like the simple HEPA filters with a washable/reusable pre-filter, because again they are washable and reusable.

This is the type I use:

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