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Saturday, May 27th, 2023
The "Last Days" Timeline Series and Associated Books:

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The Dark Eagle   Redeeming Evil

Shocking: Kim Clement Prophesies of Donald Trump 10-15 Years Ahead of the Actual Events in the Trump Presidency

WARNING: This material is not endorsed by the Author of The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 1. I am less concerned with "why Kim has this material," nor "how Kim got this material."
I am strickly concerned with "What Kim said," and "When Kim said it," plus "Has the material come to pass in the exact order and timeframes that Kim said it should."

This would be the same study, as if we were investigating Nostradamaus.

However, additional study points is included in The "Last Days" Timeline Newsletter. (See author's newsletter here - Specifically the Feb 2021, and March 2021 Editions. They are very important to the year 2021 and 2022 as prophecy keeps unfolding to become real history.)

SPECIAL NOTE:   Kim Clement is dead. He died at exactly the correct time a person saying these types of things about Donald Trump would be expected to die; IF he were working with the God of Heaven. At the age of only 60 years old, Kim Clement died on Thanksgiving Day November 24, 2016 from a brain bleed after more than 1 year of a lung illness that prevented him from speaking on stage. (See:

Remember, Kim's lung illness takes place during the exact same time period that Donald Trump started his run for office. And Kim dies AFTER the November 9th 2016 election, so Kim got to see his words come to pass. Yet, Kim died on the day that America gives thanks unto God...BEFORE Donald Trump takes office on January 20, 2017. Kim's death takes place right in the middle of the Trump riots, while the Trump Conception Comet is overhead. YEP.

2 Presidencies from Obama Into the Future, China and Iran Have Watched All America's Movies and Shall Attempt to Takeover the U.S. Whitehouse  (Recorded 2014)

The Two Presidents Prophecy

(Segments Recorded Between 2008 - 2014)

Kim Clement Never Met Donald Trump. Kim Was Invited to Trump Tower Just 2 Days Before Donald Trump Announced He Was Running For Office. Kim Couldn't Go. He Was Already Too Sick To Travel. So Kim Wrote a Letter Instead.

But The Letter Never Made It to Trump.

(Letter Written Early 2015)

2 Failed Impeachments Were Predicted, to "Get" The David. With The 2nd Impeachment Just Before the Spring Giving Rise to Another Snowden And The Highly Embarrassing Moment
- One Segment Also Mentions the Great Inflation AND Food Shortage That is Coming.

(Segments Recorded from 2008 - 2014)

This Segment Talks about the 3 "E"s (Eruption, Earthquake, and Exposure...In That Order.) The Eruption is the Sign.
- Also a DIFFERENT Note Saying the Exposure Would BE IN SUMMER. Further That Lots of People Would Fall in the Fall.
- All of This Happens, Because People in "High Government Positions" Sold Us One Lie After Another.
- Also, that this Eruption of a Volcano will CONTAIN that Which intends to be destructive in this Nation. (Summer Violence 2021)
- Further in time...that the Federal Reserve is gone with a NEW Financial System (Trump does this). A new type of fuel will come from the ground in America. The United Nations is gone. Plus 4 years of extended grace in a new economy in America, based upon the new energy type.
- Also that there would be much death in the older generations in Summer.
- Also a change in the Roman Catholic Church's Literagy to make it more modern and spiritual. (This seems to me to be preliminary to blending the Catholic Church into more religions, eventually forming something of the United Nations of Churches.)

(Segments Recorded from 2005 - 2014)

The Esther Prophecy - Massive Violence and then Healing in America
- Massive Violence and Anarchy
- The Esther is a woman that was born in a foreign land and is the queen. (The comparison seems to illustrate Melania Trump)
- The violence is so ferocious that even the cartels join in.

- The soul of America has been corrupted with bitterness and anger.

- The healing balm is applied to America. And it works. The political party divisions will stop. And even the new 3rd Party will be healed by the healing balm from The Esther. "No more bitterness. No more anger. No more division."

- Schools and neighborhoods will again be free.

- They shall say: Christ will reign and we shall NOT implement Socialism at all. Some have said: They will make history without God. No they will not. (This is an allusion to twisting America into a fully Communist/Socialist country. It shall fail.)

- The United States of America is a chosen nation to send Christ's gospel to the entire Earth. (And those same Gentile Covenants in the Book of Mormon still stand.)

(Segments Recorded from 2011)

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There are many prophecies of Kim Clement that have already come to pass in the exact order they were supposed to AND in the correct timeframes that were stated.

NOW discover how the Kim Clement prophecies line up with The Ezra's Eagle Prophecy, which is recorded in the book The Last Days Timeline - Volume 1. You can get it below.

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