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Monday, February 21st, 2022
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Shocking: Kim Clement Prophesies of Donald Trump 10-15 Years Ahead of the Actual Events in the Trump Presidency

WARNING: This material is not endorsed by the Author of The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 1. I am less concerned with "why Kim has this material," nor "how Kim got this material."
I am strickly concerned with "What Kim said," and "When Kim said it," plus "Has the material come to pass in the exact order and timeframes that Kim said it should."

This would be the same study, as if we were investigating Nostradamaus.

However, additional study points is included in The "Last Days" Timeline Newsletter. (See author's newsletter here - Specifically the Feb 2021, and March 2021 Editions. They are very important to the year 2021 and 2022 as prophecy keeps unfolding to become real history.)

SPECIAL NOTE:   Kim Clement is dead. He died at exactly the correct time a person saying these types of things about Donald Trump would be expected to die; IF he were working with the God of Heaven. At the age of only 60 years old, Kim Clement died on Thanksgiving Day November 24, 2016 from a brain bleed after more than 1 year of a lung illness that prevented him from speaking on stage. (See:

Remember, Kim's lung illness takes place during the exact same time period that Donald Trump started his run for office. And Kim dies AFTER the November 9th 2016 election, so Kim got to see his words come to pass. Yet, Kim died on the day that America gives thanks unto God...BEFORE Donald Trump takes office on January 20, 2017. Kim's death takes place right in the middle of the Trump riots, while the Trump Conception Comet is overhead. YEP.

 The Corona Virus Lockdown Plan and "NO" WW3 Yet Prophecy...It Shall Be Brought to Nothing

- NOTE: Originally this video was mis-labeled as "Blackouts and World Wars?"  - notice that "?"...this means that Kims daughter doesn't necessarily know what this video is about specifically.)
- Some of this video is targeted at New York City. However, as the definitions are applied more widely in America and other countries the definitions make more sense, as to the main message.

- The Nations are itching and are hungry for war. They are crying for war. Give us blood they say. We want blood. Have you not had enough blood? Blood from children. 
- What has happened to my Shepherds throughout the Earth. The Shepherds have scattered. They have run from the intimating force. That says, “give me a man.” As Goliath stood…they stand and they prod…(daring people to fight them)  (James says: sounds like church shutdowns.)
- BUT God says, I have young men and young women 16yo,17yo,20yo Like David…and they do not want to hide under armor. There is a NEW WAY. I (Jesus) am a STONE for this generation. (James: To THROW at the Globalists that have planned this thing.) That STONE shall be given to the DAVIDS of this generation. And that STONE shall bring down the force of hell that is crying from Russia, Syria, Iran, all over the world. Crying “,Give us blood. Give us blood. Give us blood.”
- The Spirit says “there shall be NO World War Yet” For the Spirit of Christ shall be wielded well, from 16-25 year olds.
- The Spirit of God says “Why fight and rage against each other?” (James says: this may have reference to the Summer 2020 riots)
- The Shepherds are scattered. Why am I watching my house become a den of thieves again. Do not tell the people lies. Do not mis-represent me! The rumors of war. YES. But I have yet to give you that which I have kept for last. The GLORY OF GOD.
- The Glory of God shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the sea. It is yet future. A gift yet to come before Jesus returns.
- You are the generation that shall defy death. (James says: 16-17-20-25 year olds are that GENERATION, that shall enter the Millennium and be twinkled.) The Spirit of God says come to me with tender hearts.
- Let my prayer come to pass in John 17 (James says: Intercessory prayer, they shall be ONE as the Father and Jesus are ONE. BUT it also says that the Kingdom of God is to come to the Earth.)

- Storm that the Lord has shown Kim will be brought to nothing. 
- Prays for a banishment of every demonic spider. Ready to come out - New Jersey, Bronx, Manhattan.
- America is upheld by the Lord.
- Exposing the enemies of America through the Summer. 
- The streets will not be soaked with the blood of children 
- New York – the enemy has ONCE AGAIN planned something very different – not like 911. The most strange thing shall come upon your screens and upon you in your movie houses and upon your places of comfort and pleasureThey shall infiltrate. We will even blacken them out. To show them WE are in charge. But the people will declare that there is only one God. (To me, this seems to be the STRANGE DESCRIPTION OF THE Corona Virus Plandemic. Remember, the enemy PLANNED THIS.) 

(Segments Recorded from 2013 and 2015)

 The Joe Biden Prophecy

- A President, including Joe Biden is NOT going to fix this!
- The Evil Plan for America to Bring it DOWN
- Voting Won't Work - (PAY CLOSE ATTENTION to this part).
- The Massacre of the prophets of Baal VS Elijah and God at Mt. Carmel. (Remember the water drenched wood and fire coming down from heaven?)

(Segments Recorded from 2011)

 The Elements Wish to Erupt in Pacific Northwest Prophecy

  • The elements wished to erupt in the Pacific Northwest
  • There will arise leaders that shall speak truth in America


(Recorded from July 25, 2015)

There are many prophecies of Kim Clement that have already come to pass in the exact order they were supposed to AND in the correct timeframes that were stated.

NOW discover how the Kim Clement prophecies line up with The Ezra's Eagle Prophecy, which is recorded in the book The Last Days Timeline - Volume 1. You can get it below.

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