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Tuesday, March 8th, 2022
The Naked Supreme Court is 
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The Naked Supreme Court - By Joe H. Ferguson

The Naked Supreme Court

- by Joe H. Ferguson - Congressional Candidate for Utah in 1976

Using the Wisdom of Hindsight, What Would You Tell Your Children and Grandchildren About America?

  • The Problems in America?
  • Who Are Main Culprits That Formed Those Problems? What Were Their Motivations?
  • What Was One of the First Lines of Defences That BENT Under Pressure - That Led To Those Problems Being Codified into Law?

Is the Supreme Court today, simply a bunch of old men and women that say what is Constitutional and what is Uncontitutional? NO. It is not.

The Supreme Court today is now run by case-law. As is most of the Federal, State, and local courts in the United States.

And that case law, has been INSERTED into the minds of the Federal Judiciary to allow for all sorts of BENDING of the origional U.S. Constitution.

And every new generation of justices added to the court from people who are BENT to begin with, adds decades of very BENT legislation that becomes NEW CASE LAW!

Case law that will set the precedent for future courts to follow (and OBEY).

This situation is a death spiral allowing for all sorts of anti-Christian and pro-Luciferian legislation to further the agenda of Lucifer on the Earth.

Originally, the Supreme Court justices used THE HOLY BIBLE as Case Law. In this work by Joe Ferguson, see every anti-Christian bend and break that has brought us to where we are today.

The Nephites had their laws bastardized. Now it is America's turn.

Only the God of Heaven and Earth can fix this problem. And soon, he will show His mighty hand to do just that.

Plenty of historical images to bring the full plot to your view.

Note from James: This book is a must-have when learning about the Supreme Court and its relationship with the 3 Eagle Heads. For it is THEY that have corrupted America's laws while working with Lucifer. The war in heaven is continuing on the Earth. Can you feel it? 2020 and 2021 show us that exact sequence of events. Just get it. Thank you

"Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out to one of your many readers. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into studying the scriptures and sharing your insights and knowledge.
I totally agree that the Book of Mormon is the most relevant and important book of our day. I'm grateful that we can have this additional scripture to study and learn from and I look forward to your future presentations on your discoveries. May God continue to bless you and reveal to you His mysteries.

Warmest regards!

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