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Book Review:
Nuclear War Survival Skills
- by Cresson H. Kearny

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Cresson Kearny is the foremost expert in the United States on Nuclear issues. He worked in the US Federal Government and has been preparing the citizens of America to protect themselves against nuclear fallout for over 30 years.

HOWEVER, that being said...there is a lot more to this book than just nuclear radioactive fallout protection. Because Kearny had to make a book and program for regular people to survive a deeply troubled event (nuclear war), he had to get inventive with the program's tactics on cooking, heating, lighting, food sources and more. 

Thus, this book is very valuable as a hard-times survival manual alone; let alone the topic of nuclear war. it's as though MacGuyver wrote a book on Nuclear War. It's valuable.

I found this book to be so valuable that I picked up 2 printed copies. One for home, and one for the 72 Hour Kit.

Quick Video on Cresson Kearny Demonstrating a Make-shift Fallout Shelter

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The book: Nuclear War Survival Skills is recommended in the book The "Last Days" Timeline. There is much more information concerning Nuclear War and the likihood of the event as shown in scripture. This information is inside The Last Days Timeline. Check it out for yourself.

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