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Book Review:
The President Makers - How Billionaires Control U.S. and Foreign Policy
- by Don Fotheringham 

I was giving a talk on "What the Scriptures Say About Donald Trump - How Long Will He Last?" in the Spring of 2017; and a gentleman came up after the talk and said, "you forgot 1 president."

I replied that I was just showing what the 2nd Esdras Apocryphal Scripture says. It started with Herbert Hoover as feather #1. He said, "yes, but the real trouble started with Woodrow Wilson 3 President's earlier. You should read The President Makers by Don Fotheringham."

So, I ordered the book, the same day I got home. And I'm glad I did.

The case for the 3 sleeping Eagle Heads and what they desire was made very clear in the Ezra's Eagle prophecy itself. But, the actual historical evidence is empirically displayed by Don Fotheringham in The President Makers - How Billionaires Control U.S. and Foreign Policy.

This book clearly documents with evidence when America was corrupted by the 3 sleeping Eagle Heads. And this book of historical fact shows that Herbert Hoover, was the lynch pin that cemented the deal for the next 100 years.

This work demonstrates the link between Woodrow Wilson and the creation of the Soviet Union with Lenin getting funds and equipment for the Red October Revolution in Russia...from these same Billionaires.

This book also shows why we had the Roaring 20s. It's because all the damaging policies of Woodrow Wilson were undone inadvertently because the powers-that-be didn't have a tight enough grip on the Whitehouse in the Roaring 20s, nor the 2 best presidents of the era Warren Harding and Calvin Coolidge.

The most important work recorded in The President Makers is a list of all the Cabinet level officials of all the administrations of these Presidents since Woodrow Wilson in WW1, and their affiliation with the Central Large Eagle Head.

NOTE from James: after becoming very acquainted with this work of The President Makers and getting to know the author Don Fotheringham, I have contributed to the Last Chapter of the book on President Donald J. Trump in the newest edition in the Fall of 2017.

Interview with Don Fotheringham About The President Makers

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Note from James: This book is a must-have when learning about The Eagle Kingdom in Ezra's Eagle. This author Don Fortheringham is an 85 year old WW2 Veteran. I am grateful that I was directed to this book early on in my learning of Ezra's Eagle. The President Makers has choice historical material that I have not found in any other books. Including Cleon Skousen's work. Just get it. Thank you

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