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Monday, April 6th, 2020

DVD Review:
Revealing God's Treasure

- by Ron Wyatt 

It was 2011.

I was telling a friend that the real Noah's Ark had been found. He was amazed at the level of details that were found.

You see, for 1000s of years, nobody knew where Noah's Ark was. But, in 1979 Ron Wyatt prayed to God and was led directly to it. And to other materials that were significant to Noah's story. Like his house, after the flood. Remember Noah was an animal husbandman.

It turns out that Noah's Ark was known for 100s of years of the early Christian Age. It was an ancient tourist site. But, when the Dark Ages took hold, it was lost from the collective memory of man.

Yet, that was not all. NO. Ron was on to bigger and better things.

Note from James: In The “Last Days” Timeline – Volume 1, I mentioned that there was a lot more information to come forth about prophecy in the future.

One of those sections in the appendix was on Ron Wyatt and his archeological discoveries.

There will be a time in the future when everyone will know about Ron’s work. You see…Ron didn’t just dig in the dirt and find some artifacts. Ron Wyatt was the Real Indiana Jones. Yet, he was just a normal Christian man that had a passion for the scriptures.

  • He was featured in magazines.
  • He was kidnapped by the Saudi Arabia police as a spy.
  • He has been attacked by professional academic archeologists for decades for what he found.

Yet the pictures and video footage remains.

Ron died in 1999. The professionals are trying to discredit Ron’s discoveries even 21 years after his death. These discoveries are THAT serious.

The DVD includes:

  1. Noah’s Ark – plus more materials around it.
  2. Joseph’s Granaries in Egypt
  3. How the Pyramids were built – It was written on the walls of the pyramids themselves.
  4. The Israelite crossing site at the Red Sea where Moses Parted the Waters – NO it was not a shallow lake. It was a SEA. With the evidence to prove it.
  5. The Wilderness of Sin where manna first came every morning to the Israelites.
  6. The rock that Moses split and had water spew out for millions of Israelites to drink.
  7. Mount Sinai – With the pillars and animal sacrifices and the large alter where the golden calf had sat.
  8. Sodom & Gomorrah – Cities on the Plain Location. Including the sulfur and brimstone to prove it.
  9. …And the BIG one. I’ll leave that as a SUPRISE for you.

You can see all the images and video on this one 4 hour DVD. I regularly watch parts of this DVD with the kids for Family Home Evening. It is a huge testimony builder to know that these sites and archeological finds exist. No matter what the rest of the world says about God. My kids and your kids can know that HE exists. His treasures of testimony abound.

Video of Ron Wyatt at his FIRST Discovery: Noah's Ark

Buy "Revealing God's Treasure" DVD Here

Note from James: This DVD is a must-have when learning about prophecy of the future. For Ron was promised this material would be made known in it's fullness during the "Mark of the Beast Period." Which you and I know is during the middle of the 4th Beast Kingdom of the Gentiles, which is coming. So, learn of it now, EARLY. And help your children and grandchildren to have a visual testimony in God's word.

The DVD is available for $21.50 directly from with Free Shipping:

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