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Monday, April 13th, 2020


Give The Gift of Knowledge of The Future to Your Children, Grandchildren, and Your Like Minded Friends

The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 1 - Get the book that started it all + Plus get 4 more for your like mineded friends and family.

And get a discount with FREE Shipping. Get each book for the bargain price of just $19.80 each. ($99 total for 5 copies with FREE Shipping)

Get The *NEW Dark Eagle Audiobook

(BRAND NEW) Get The 1st Book in the Ruin and Restoration Series - The Dark Eagle. NOW in Audiobook.

Today, at the Book of Mormon Evidence Conference, announcing The Dark Eagle is now in audiobook.

Simon Driscol and I are finishing it up this week. This is for a pre-order. You can be the first to have it if you put your pre-order in right now. Normally $29.95. But, right now for the Conference and on pre-order...It's just $19.95.

(Delivered in about a week in .mp3 downloadable format)

All eBooks in .pdf format for instant delivery.

PLUS the Audiobook of Volume 1 FREE

Big Digital Bundle Deal

Get every book that James T. Prout has in digital .pdf format. Plus, get The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 1 audiobook FREE.

Here is what you get:

  • The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 1 - eBook in .pdf ($19.95)
  • The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 2 - The Prophecy of the Tame and Wild Olive Trees - eBook in .pdf ($19.95)
  • The Dark Eagle - eBook in .pdf ($19.95)
  • Redeeming Evil - eBook in .pdf ($19.95)
  • (Bonus FREE) - The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 1 Audiobook (Normally $29.95)

Since this is digital, you have instant delivery, and no shipping wait times. You can be reading and listening in less than 4 minutes from now. (Just $79.80)

The "Last Days" Timeline Series and Associated Books:

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Ezra's Eagle Last Days Timeline Volume 1 Last Days Timeline Volume 2 The President Makers The Naked Supreme Court 

The Dark Eagle   Redeeming Evil

"Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out to one of your many readers. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into studying the scriptures and sharing your insights and knowledge.
I totally agree that the Book of Mormon is the most relevant and important book of our day. I'm grateful that we can have this additional scripture to study and learn from and I look forward to your future presentations on your discoveries. May God continue to bless you and reveal to you His mysteries.

Warmest regards!

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