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Friday, April 12th, 2024
The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 3
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The Last-Days Timeline - Volume 3 -
 The U.S. Presidents Countdown to America’s Zion

- God’s Plan for America’s Ruin…and Restoration - 

The U.S. Presidents Countdown to America’s Zion

(Volume #3 of The "Last Days" Timeline Series)
- by James T. Prout

and Simon Driscoll

  • This 3rd installment in the series is all about the downfall of special civilizations. The Countdown of Presidents (or Leaders) of the civilization. detailed in the Book of Mormon and the Holy Bible. Including historical references. 

The United States of America is the last civilization to go through this process. It will be worldwide in scope.

The American Zion will also be the last Zion civilization, before the 1000 Year Millennium of our God.

The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 3 Includes:

  • What civilizations have gone through this Countdown before.

  • What clues lead us to KNOW which part of the Countdown we are on

  • Discover the parts of the Countdown and which order they come in.

  • See how other EARLIER civilizations coped with these challenges.

  • Find out how God organized the end of these special civilizations.

  • See why the rebirth was critical to the re-establishment of God's law.

  • Discover how close Zion on the American continent REALLY is.

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The U.S. Presidents Countdown to America’s Zion

The "Last Days" Timeline - Volume 3 printed book is $24.95. Free Shipping in the USA.
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"Hi James,

Thanks for reaching out to one of your many readers. I appreciate all the hard work you have put into studying the scriptures and sharing your insights and knowledge.
I totally agree that the Book of Mormon is the most relevant and important book of our day. I'm grateful that we can have this additional scripture to study and learn from and I look forward to your future presentations on your discoveries. May God continue to bless you and reveal to you His mysteries.

Warmest regards!

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